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Reliable, experienced, and powerful: the BMD mission is reflected in both our team and in our innovative, high-performance, comprehensive solutions.
A Team Built to Serve • Quality Built to Last

Innovation + Service

BMD is proud to be a service-first, innovative company in control equipment and solutions for over a dozen years. We provide high quality service and solutions with high speed to some of the biggest names in water, petrochemical, agriculture, marine, and more.

With firsthand field experience and practical, lean engineering, BMD set out to be an ally to the technician in optimizing production.  Operators soon found that BMD’s industrial-strength, rugged controls and valves saved time, saved costs, and strengthened their efficiency.

BMD rapidly surpassed all expectations and quickly proved to be a force in the industry as well as a versatile weapon for operations in other industries such as marine and agriculture.      

A Team Built to Serve • Quality Built to Last

Bold By Design

BMD provides an unmatched level of knowledge and dependability to instrumentation specialists and operators who need capable, quality tools to do the job right—all while doing right by the environment, too.

Our team is comprised of savvy technicians, experienced field representatives, assembly experts, and masterful engineers. Our solutions are built with precision and purpose. All of our designed products are thoughtfully developed, tested, and elevated for quality control.

With unique characteristics like our force-balanced design, quick-open trim, bubble-tight shut off, and fugitive emissions packing, the proof is in the performance. 

We’ve worked hard to earn the respect and reputation that high-performing systems across the country depend on out in the field with so much on the line.

BMD’s products are used across the country from municipal water treatment plants and large farms to oil fields along the Gulf Coast and large-scale marine operations. We have representation ready to serve in many markets and states, while we are headquartered in the very heart of industry.

A Team Built to Serve • Quality Built to Last

Quality. Control.

BMD designs for the long-haul to optimize efficiency, reduce emissions, save costs, and cut needless downtime. Simply put – no leaks means no added maintenance; reduced friction means longer lifespan for your equipment. And this simple philosophy goes into all of our work.

As a forward-thinking partner in production, our sound engineering makes the difference for industry and environment alike. BMD is committed to smart solutions as evident in our fugitive emission packing (built into ALL our models) to reduce and even eliminate leaks.

At the very core, it’s about quality service. Our responsible, dynamic designs provide performance and protection on every front: efficiency, environment, and integrity. Our quality offers you more control where it counts the most:

  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Factory Tanks
  • Engine Rooms
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Midstream, Downstream, Upstream
  • Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Flowback Systems
  • Energy Transfer Systems
  • And more


BMD is built for your best results. Our values of integrity, personable service, and ultimate quality align with our vision of serving both industry and environment. Through our steadfast ingenuity, wide accessibility, and valued relationships, BMD is equipped and ready to drive your mission forward.

Contact BMD today and let’s make it work and make it last.

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