Beaumont Manufacturing and Distribution


Strong Solutions Right for the Job + Right for the Environment

Built For The
Bottom Line

Our responsible, dynamic designs are built to perform and protect on every front—environment, efficiency, costs, and integrity.

BMD makes this all possible through thoughtful, revolutionary power features that include:

  • Cage-Guided Balanced and Unbalanced Control Valves
  • Fugitive Emission Packing—Standard in All Models
  • Sealed Cased Level Controls with Zero Bleed Pilots
  • Both Gas/Liquid AND Liquid/Liquid Interface  Level Controllers
  • Low Pressure AND High Pressure Valves for Max Performance
  • And more
Innovative Controls • Reliable Monitoring Equipment for the Field

Engineered for Excellence

Our pro-grade control equipment is built for performance and operational efficiency by our expert team of engineers, assembly specialists, field representatives, and savvy technicians.  We know the challenges and pain points out in the field first-hand; and we know the dynamic, effective solutions to succeed unlike any manufacturer.

No Sweat

No Leaks = No Limits to Your Production

BMD Performs Better Under Pressure

  • High-Performance Engineering
  • No Leaks = No Added Maintenance
  • Reduced Friction = Less Wear + Tear
  • Modernized Design
  • 30+ Years Expertise
  • Built-in Sensitive Responses
  • Trim + Packing Longevity
  • Fugitive Emissions Packing
  • Cuts Down on Emissions
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Multi-Purpose, Cross-Industry
  • Field-Proven Reliability
  • Designed for High Flow Rates
  • Easy to Integrate – Plug and Play
Process Instruments + Controls + Field Maintenance Equipment

Featured Solutions

Innovation for
Every Industry

Municipal Water

Wastewater and water treatment plants trust BMD’s leading-edge valves and controls to reduce and eliminate waste, costs, and repairs.


Custom solutions to control, monitor, and protect for off-shore, port, and maritime industry.


From oil fields to gas refineries and chemical plants, BMD’s power features (like zero bleed pilots + force balance designs) reduce emissions.

OEM Solutions

Our high quality, performance-driven equipment and plug-and-play integration sets us apart for OEM solutions across the nation.

Beaumont Manufacturing and Distribution

Work. Flow.

Uniquely engineered to optimize efficiency and reduce or eliminate leaks, BMD’s product line puts you in ultimate control

For controls, control valves, relief valves, regulators, and more smart solutions, make it work and make it last with BMD.