Liquid Level Gauge

BMD’s LG20 glass liquid level gauges are rugged flat glass gauges for mid-range pressure temperature applications. Standard construction includes a solid one-piece chamber machined from carbon steel with covers, toughened glass and chrome-molybdenum bolts and nuts. All metal parts are rustproofed. Recessed gasket seat prevents movement and insures leak-free service.


  • Connections: 1/2” FNPT top-bottom connections.
  • Pressure/Temperature Ratings:  Varies by glass size and style.
  • Gauge Style:
    • Reflex
    • Transparent
  • Glass Sizes: 3-9
    • For longer size requirements, multiple units can be constructed with multiple vision slots in a continuous solid bar chamber.
  • Materials:
    • Liquid Chamber: Carbon Steel
    • Cover: Carbon Steel
    • Bolts and Nuts: Plated Carbon Steel

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