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Rugged Controls for Oil + Gas • Petrochemical

Industrial Strength

There’s no substitute for experience out in the field when both energy and the environment are on the line. Combined with our longevity in the very heart of the industry, our relentless innovation, and our first-hand working knowledge, BMD is proud to be the trusted name for industrial production.

BMD provides a powerful arsenal to operators and instrumentation managers who rely on high-quality equipment to get the job done right—all while doing right by the environment as well.

Pro-Grade Features

Our line-up of control equipment includes dynamic, pro-grade features—like spring-operated regulators, freezeless dump valves, and cage-guided control valves with soft seating.

BMD designs for the long-haul to optimize efficiency, reduce emissions, and reduce needless and costly repairs over time. Upstream and downstream professionals alike choose BMD for our strategic, superior design characteristics such as:

  • Spring-Operated Regulators to Handle Any Pressure
  • Sealed Case Level Controls
  • Fugitive Emission Packing (standard across all models)
  • Bubble-tight Shutoff Relief Valves
  • Cage-Guided controls
  • Zero Bleed Pilots
  • Force-balance designs
  • Balance of high-capacity pressure control with low flow control

Defense Against Emissions

BMD is a forward-thinking, conscientious partner. Our sound engineering makes the difference for industry and environment alike.

With features like fugitive emissions packing built into all our models, BMD considers all angles of productivity, efficiency, and emissions controls in our equipment.

Reducing and even eliminating leaks can protect the ground, the air, water, and the future of a project. BMD is committed to smart solutions because we know YOU are committed to smart, sustainable investments and performance.

If your operations has the objective of reducing your carbon footprint—trust BMD’s thoughtful design and defensive capabilities to your project.

High Pressure Valves • Low Pressure Valves • Controls

Featured Solutions

Real. Reliable.

Less leaks, less lag time, more control, and more efficiency. That’s the core of BMD.

BMD provides the most valuable intangibles in oil and gas production: stability, dependability, and precision where it counts.

From the oil fields to pipelines to the board rooms, efficiency matters. BMD delivers sound engineering control valves, pressure valves, pressure pilots, regulators, level gauges, chambers, and more.

BMD serves the oil and gas industry in multiple capacities and applications:

  • ASME-certified Relief Valves
  • Protection Against Over-Pressure
  • Level Controls for Atmospheric Storage Tanks
  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Midstream
  • Boilers, Furnaces and more
  • Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Water tanks, Engine Rooms
  • Flowback company, Industrial Supply
  • Modernize water treatment plants workflow

BMD’s products are found in the some of the biggest names in oil and gas throughout the US, especially in high production and industrial markets of Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and more.

With a commanding presence throughout the nation, we are built to last and ready to serve and support petrochemical companies, oil wells, oil and gas refineries, industrial operations, and more.  Put quality and control on your side now with BMD.

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