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OEM Solutions

Smart Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturer


From engineering to production and everything in between, BMD offers high-performance controls, valves, and OEM solutions.

BMD has the rugged, time-tested equipment that makes the difference in monitoring, assessing, and controlling workflow.

Industry Impact

BMD brings the toughest, most formidable combination of advantages in the industry in reducing leaks (and even eliminating leaks), reducing emissions, less downtime, and more reliability.

Engineers and production managers often find that standard OEM solutions can be limited in their overall efficiency as they solve one specific objective but prove to be weak in others.

BMD’s difference, however, is comprehensive solutions such as controls, control valves, and regulators all loaded with advanced features that are built to handle a full workload AND built to last. See a sample of BMD’s OEM Solutions:

  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Energy Transfer Systems
  • Factory Tanks, Boiler Rooms
  • Gauges and Liquid Level Controllers for Absorption Analysis
  • ASME-certified Relief Valves
  • Rugged, Field Configurable Level Controllers
  • Ideal for Scrubbers, Separators, and Heat Treaters
  • Protection Against Over-Pressure
  • Fugitive Emissions Packing is Standard in All Control Valves
  • Full Port Control Valves for High Flow Rates
  • Consistent Leak-Free Shut Off
Strategic Design • Precision • Accuracy

Power Products

Automation is a key component of any successfully engineered process. BMD supports and accelerates the performance of automation with reliable, state-of-the-art control valves, pressure valves, zero-bleed pressure pilots, regulators, level gauges, chambers, and more.

 With representation throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast, Colorado, New Mexico, and beyond, BMD is armed and ready to provide quality and control in OEM Solutions.

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