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Reliability counts when the pressure is on.

BMD’s time-tested equipment gives confidence and the power of control for water treatment plants, tanks, and municipal water pumping. Less leaks means more production, and that’s why cities, counties, and industrial facilities trust BMD.

Municipal Water Pumping operations need comprehensive solutions to ensure smooth, productive workflow for everything from flood control to sewage lifts.

BMD’s extensive line of control valves, relief valves, and regulators help answer the call for modernizing and stablizing wastewater and municipal water pumping.

Our balanced design and powerful capacity for handling low pressure and high pressure make all the difference. BMD serves the industry in multiple capacities:

  • Sewage Pumping Equipment
  • Automated Engines
  • Motor-Driven Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • City and County Water Treatment Facilities
  • Conserving, Controlling, Preserving, and Storing Water
  • Easy-to-integrate solutions for water wells and booster pumps
  • Modernize water and sewage pumps
High Pressure Valves • Low Pressure Valves • Controls

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BMD is built to last and ready to serve. We have representation throughout the nation to support wastewater treatment plans and municipal water pumping including Oklahoma, Texas, the Gulf Coast region, and more.

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