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Marine + Offshore

More flow control, more power, and more precision means more production in high-stakes projects. And that’s why the biggest names in marine, maritime, and off-shore operations trust BMD.

Our industrial-strength high pressure AND low pressure valves have been the game-changing asset for industrial facilities for decades, and—over the last several years—has earned a reputation for high quality, high performance in the marine industry. With the no-nonsense design and comprehensive product line of BMD, workflow can run smoothly in boiler rooms, steam engine rooms, and more.

BMD’s extensive line of control valves, relief valves, and regulators help you regulate and isolate your processes with confidence.

Regulate your flow rate with BMD’s powerful features and functionality:

  • Boiler Room regulators and levels
  • Engine Rooms monitoring equipment and valves
  • Motor-Driven Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • Engineered to reduce leaks
  • Conserving, Controlling, Preserving, and Storing Water
  • Plug and play solutions
  • Modernized technology for durability
Process Instruments + Controls + Field Maintenance Equipment

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BMD’s team and equipment is your advantage for production power. We have representation throughout the nation to support marine/maritime needs including Oklahoma, Texas, the Gulf Coast region, and more.

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